Monday, October 02, 2006

A Week in Provence

We realize that few people are interested in reading more of the cloyingly sentimental tripe that American travelers tend to spout after seeing Provence for the first time (sorry, Mr. Mayle). Therefore, we will not bore our readers with hackneyed descriptions of a perfect afternoon in Cassis eating bouillabaisse and moules et frites while overlooking the bustling marina. We will not recount clichés about the endless beauty of the Southern coast and the Route des Cretes, with its breathtaking views of the picturesque countryside and heart-stopping climbs from the astonishingly blue sea. No! Not one formulaic account of idyllic strolls through the Provencal countryside with its rows of rosemary bushes and olive trees or predictable argument for local food production, distribution and preparation. We would not dream of repeating tired narratives of a visit to Avignon and its glorious Palais des Papes. Instead, we merely offer a few photos for your viewing pleasure…

More pictures of our exciting adventure are available here.

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Anonymous said...

I love your scrumptious blog! I love you! Please send me the mailing address of the *new* newlyweds so I may send them a gift. Lots of Love, Alejandra