Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Inside Man

Tam is done doing the Devil's work ... for now. He's found gainful employment at our local pub, the Crown and Sceptre. It happened that after a grueling trip to the store, he stopped in for a quick drink and found Mike the manager interviewing a young thespian for a post pulling pints.

TAM: Hey Mike, are you hiring?
MIKE: Yeah.
TAM: Actually, I'm looking for a job, myself.
MIKE (motioning towards the bar): Have you ever done it before?
TAM: No.
MIKE: Great. Can you start Tuesday?
Actually, Tam interviewed Mike over a few beers for our Halloween post on English ales. When asked what he looked for in a good pub, Mike replied, "Good food and a slack bar staff." We shall see...

The Inside Man, outside.

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