Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Westward, Ho! Or, Chalk & Cheese Redux

Two years have passed and much has happened since we returned to the United States after circumnavigating the globe in search of enlightenment and yummy treats. Our faithful readers will no doubt join in our rejoicing that Laura has received her proper bona fides and been declared a meritorious creature of genuine intellectual worth. Moreover, she’s accepted a job offer on the West Coast, and we’ve decided to reincarnate our humble blog to document our adventures – culinary and otherwise – as we embark on the great American road trip and chase the sun towards our new lives, as locovores and fervent hippies in Portland, Oregon. (Incidentally, Tam has plummeted ever deeper into his career crisis, but remains as provocatively charming as ever.)

We embarked from Connecticut at the end of June, kissing friends, lovers, and minor acquaintances goodbye after a final feast where our bitter tears only enhanced the briny succulence of Frank Pepe’s famous clams casino pizza. After a glorious week in coastal Delaware, where we enjoyed crabs, crab cakes, beer, crabs, the company of friends and family, beer, and crabs, we began our trek West with an extended holiday in northern Michigan, where we gardened, grilled, lumberjacked and lorded it over the tennis courts.

Now, fully restored, we plan to cover the remaining three-quarters of the continent in two and a half action-packed weeks, with stops at any number of campgrounds, diners, national parks, gas stations, major metropolises, and minor roadside attractions. Despite our travels around the world, it’s clear that there is much within the confines of our own national borders with which are woefully unfamiliar. While we don’t know what we might encounter in the coming weeks, we can guarantee forthcoming accounts of roasting a grizzly bear over an open fire, killing and eating rattlesnakes with our bare hands, and hunting moose with a blowgun. And, of course, stay tuned for periodic updates on the on-going license plate game…

Pictures of our exciting pre-roadtrip summer adventures in Michigan are available here:

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