Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Flat

Our one bedroom flat in Shepherd's Bush:

We've got a separate bed, but it's too small to show up on film. Laura likes to think of it as a canopy bed with walls and a ceiling instead of fabric.

Our first dinner at home was a Mediterranean affair with bread, wine, cheese, olive oil and dolmades from the markets on our street - turns out you need a lighter for the stove. Onward!

Views from our flat are of the Queen Adelaide pub (below) and this peculiar structure, as yet unidentified

While the pub across the street is convenient, it looks like our local will be the Defector's Weld, commonly held to be the coolest on the Shepherd's Bush green...

...what more could you ask for?


John said...

you need comments. the place looks great. I'm sure you guys are having a cheers!


Anonymous said...

John is right, you need some comments to dress up this depressingly barren repartee.You can't expect to extract sympathy from New Yorkers by showing that spacious and trendy lunch counter. Looks like fun.

Anonymous said...

Pot of Gold Soup!