Sunday, September 10, 2006

Hitting the Bricks

Now in London, we've found a flat and begun settling in. At the Bangla Town International Curry Festival on Brick Lane, we grazed on samosas and onion bhajees, and sipped milk from green jelly nuts. Yummy treats abound.


Anonymous said...

'green jelly??' Unripe coconut would be the more accurate,(though more prosaic) term. Pedants are everywhere.

Tam & Laura said...

With our unswerving commitment to ethnographic detail, we use the local term, "jelly nut" here to refer to the foodstuff more commonly known as the coconut. In this case, the word, "green" was meant to indicate "unripe," though the reader will surely concede this is an accurate description of color as well!
Further pedantry welcome. :)